Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remind?

Remind is a simple tool that reminds you of the good things you already know. If you've been through something like talk therapy before, you've probably had those moments where you reached some realization that made you feel free.

Issue is: after you have those moments, there's so much inertia in your old ways. Maybe a few hours after your session, you're back to your old negative thought patterns. You saw the light but suddenly you forgot all the great things you learned.

How does it work?

There's a time when you remember the great ideas, and there's a time when you forget them. Forgetting isn't bad; it's just a part of how the human mind works. If you never forgot anything, you'd be distracted and wouldn't be able to focus.

Remind uses a method called Spaced Repetition to help you remember the new truths you want to remember. Spaced Repetition has been used before for memorizing facts, but Remind is the first time Spaced Repetition is used to help you remember automatic thoughts.

Concretely, here's how it works:

  1. Use Remind like a journal and idea tracker. Add things you want to remember about yourself and the reality you're living in.
  2. Remind will message you periodically to see how you're getting along. It'll ask you if you're remembering the big ideas you want to remember.
  3. If you're remembering them, it'll remind you less.
  4. If you're not remembering them, it'll remind you more often.
Can you see what I'm writing?

No. We encrypt all of your data, so we don't look at anything you write. Privacy is really important to us.